How To Deal With Depression After Divorce

You spent weeks choosing the best family law services firm in town. You paid hundreds of dollars for their divorce services. Now you have just left the attorney’s office after signing your divorce papers. Then reality hits you. It’s over. What was meant to be forever is now no more. It’s true. Divorce can be one of the most stressful and traumatic moments in an adult’s life. It is second to only the death of a spouse or child. Some studies show that divorce is not only emotionally traumatic, but it can also wreck your physical health due to the negative effects of depression. A study printed in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior claims that individuals who go through divorce experience a 20% increase in risk for chronic health diseases. Examples include diabetes, various heart diseases and even cancer. By better coping with your post-divorce depression, you can reduce your chances of experiencing these negative health outcomes.

There are multiple tactics to help successfully battle depression after divorce. A common and worthwhile tactic is escapism. Television and movies can work briefly, but it is even more effective if you read a good book. Getting yourself wrapped up in an enthralling novel is a great way to forget about the world around you. You should also invest time in planning for the future. Think about those personal goals you always had but put off for “some day” due to the demands of your marriage. Don’t just think about it. Plan to achieve those goals and then go do it!

Finally, consider a cleaning and de-cluttering of your life and living space. Get rid of old things that you don’t need but just remind you of the relationship you no longer have. By disposing these trivial reminders that lurk throughout your home, you will create space to shape the new life you have in front of you.

Remember, depression after divorce is a serious problem. You should confront it head on. Try out the tips above first. If after a couple months you are still feeling crushed and see no improvement, you should consider seeking counseling.