Nevada’s Improvement in Collecting Child Support

From nowhere to the 36th position in three years, Nevada has moved up the ladder in child support payment collection. The state successfully introduced programs to improve the child support process and has won awards for doing so.

National Child Support Enforcement Association has awarded the Most Improved Program award to the Clark County’s District Attorney’s Family Support (DAFS) Office. Other states can follow the suit and develop a better system too.

What Contributed to the Award?

Child support in Nevada was quite slow for many years. But recently the DAFS staff did a commendable job. It improved the parenting establishment by a huge percentage and accumulated about $125 million in child support for Clark County in the year 2012.

How Did the DAFS Do It?

To achieve success in anything there is immense planning followed by adequate action. DAFS’s staff planned, examined the situation carefully and took the following steps:

  • Call Center Set-up – Though a communication medium was always there, a need for a call-center dedicated to Clark County was much necessary. The reason – there were thousands of cases of child support pending.

Hence a call-center was set-up few years ago; it now handles as many as 15000 calls per month. Since then the support collection is up significantly, and so is the overdue support collection. This wasn’t possible earlier. Better communication model has helped locate parents, establish paternity, and enforce child support.

  • Relocation of Division – Child support division was relocated to Southern Nevada in 2010. It centralized and perked up paternity and child support cases from Clark County and other locations in Las Vegas state. Today, it handles as many as 61000 cases related to child supports and enforcement. This single division office contributes to 59% of the overall child support cases from Nevada.
  • Improved Community Outreach – The division closely works with communities to reach out to the people and access information related to paternity. From reaching out to the hospitals to conducting genetic tests and getting results, and taking the matter to court and settling it in few hearings, everything has improved with better community outreach.

Child support and enforcement results in Nevada have improved after right steps were taken by the authorities. Other states across the USA can also follow the same and improve how the child support collection agencies work.

Parenting 101 under the Grounds of Child Custody

Becoming a parent is an experience of a lifetime. Nothing can ever be compared to it. This experience comes with a responsibility of child’s upbringing – from health to education and mannerism to making them a respectable individual in the society, it all is the responsibility of a parent, in fact, both the parents to be precise. When parents separate or get divorce, they leave a scar of sadness in the lives of their children.

Therefore, when a couple is headed for a divorce, it’s required that they plan the future of their children well in advance. Give them adequate time and nurturing and let them not feel left alone because of the legal battle going on in the court. Ensure that the child custody case doesn’t have an impact on the child.

Children often go through a tough time when the parents separate. It often gives them a shock that their parents will live in different homes and sometimes even lead the children to depression. So the parents need to do is have a parenting plan in place.

For Child’s Well-Being:

  • Create a plan that meets the requirements of your child. Do not try to adjust the child according to the plan; instead create a plan that fits your child’s personality, age, requirements, and abilities.


  • Ensure that proper education, medical care, and a healthy diet is available to the children hassle-free.


  • Help the children understand the details of separation. If they’re too young, make them feel comfortable and make sure that either of the two is always with them.


  • During the child custody process in court, have a time-share, custody, and visitation agreement in written. This agreement goes a long way. It is referred by the judge in the court and signed after consent is reached between both the parents. However, court’s decision may vary from case to case.

What to Consider for a Time-Share Agreement

While creating a parenting plan and a time-share agreement, consider the following aspects of the child:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Security
  • Any special Needs
  • Mood of the children and their inclination towards a parent

Apart from these, other welfare activities should also be considered. Only then a parenting plan will be good enough and in favor of the children during the child custody case in court.

What are Gray Divorces?

The younger generation of newly wedded men and women looked up to their parents for a successful married life until few years ago. The love & affection they shared was an inspiration and their togetherness a blessing. But that era has now passed.

People in their 40s and 50s are open to the idea of divorce – which is now officially termed as a “gray divorce.” This term was coined in 2004 after an increasing trend of older couples heading for divorce was noticed.

The numbers are increasing year by year. Today, 1 in every 4 divorces is a gray divorce and of which more than 60% petitions are filed by women and the remaining by men. The causes for the rise are plenty – financial freedom in women and infidelity in older men are cited as few potential reasons in the research conducted by AARP (American Associate of Retired Persons). However, this report has been disputed.

The Growing Statistics:

Couples from Baby Boomers era are splitting for good. The statistics are shocking. Here’s what the research shows:

Most gray divorces are initiated by women. Talking in terms of the percentage, as mentioned on Wikipedia, it’s 66% by women and the 41% or so by men. The men and women of age group 40-49 contribute to 73% of such divorces, followed by 22% by people of 50-59 yrs, and 4% by people over 60 years of age.

The divorce statistics in the United Kingdom show a rise after gray divorces became common among older couples with young kids.

The Perceived Benefits:

We may find it odd to see people parting ways after decades of married life. But they see it as a life changing experience. There are some perceived benefits that allow the men and women in their 50s to take this step. Few of those benefits are:

Financial independence – Expenses are minimized to half after the divorce. Men or women don’t have to spend all their earnings on the family and can have something for themselves. And also enjoy the social security benefits even after separation (if an application is filed with the Social Security Administration).

Increased life expectancy – The scientific health claims are being debated over its accuracy, but people believe they would be able to live longer when they live alone and stress free. With the kids gone and no bad relationship at home, a divorced person in his/her 50s can be healthy for the years to come.


Divorced couples aren’t willing to give up on life. They are up for a new relationship and a healthy lifestyle but without any thoughts of remarrying.