What to Include in Adoption Papers

Adoption is the process by which a person takes on the role of parent for a child that is not biologically their own. Once the adoption process is complete, the adopted child will have all the rights accorded to a biological child with regard to inheritances and child support.

Adoption Papers

While there are multiple types of adoption, most fall into three categories:

Stepparent Adoption
Independent Adoption
Adult Adoption

Much of the adoption documentation is the same, regardless of the type of adoption, and includes:

An Adoption Request–describes you and the child you are adopting to the judge.

An Adoption Agreement–informs the judge that you and the child (if they are over the age of 12) agree to the adoption.
An Adoption Order–will be signed by the presiding judge in order to approve the adoption.
An Indian Child Inquiry Form–indicates whether or not the child has Indian ancestry.
A Parental Notification of Indian Status–shows the judge that that an inquiry has been made with the child’s parents about Indian ancestry.

Filing Your Adoption Papers

The forms will have to be completed and taken to the court. It should be noted that the adoption agreement should not be signed until the judge instructs you to sign it. If you choose to handle the adoption process with the help of a legal document assistant, you will take the papers to them.

The adoption process can be costly and time-consuming with much of the money spent on legal fees. Licensed and bonded legal document assistants can provide adoption services and save you money while ensuring that your adoption papers are prepared professionally.

Support Adoption This Holiday Season

Christmas time is upon us and it’s the moment to see whether you’ve been naughty or nice. It’s the season to spread happiness, hope, faith and presents! But ever stopped to think about those orphans who are in the need of the love and family warmth that everyone craves during Christmas. Many of us search for a way to give back to the community, but charity truly does begin at home.

According to UNICEF there are currently more than 180 million orphans around the world and as of 2008, there are approximately 500,000 children around the US living in foster care. According to the same study, violence in residential institutions is six times the violence in foster care. With so many children in need around the world, why not give them the best Christmas present they’d appreciate for life? Let’s help bring a smile to the faces of these children and help mold the future of tomorrow’s world.

So head to the closest destination for legal services in California and ask for your adoption papers. For those who are unable to adopt a child in need, give back through the means of support for them. Stop by an adoption agency and donate whatever you can, drop off some presents or simply spend a day with them, reading to them or singing along with the season’s carols.