Independent, Agency & International Adoption: The Difference

For families considering adoption, it can be difficult to decide upon the best route to begin the process. Understanding the differences between independent, agency, and international adoption will help you to decide which method is best for your particular situation.

Independent Adoption: An independent adoption is perhaps the most difficult because there are no intermediaries, like an agency. It can take longer for individuals to find mothers willing to adopt their children, and the consent of the biological mother or parents is given specifically to the adopting parents. It also requires more trust between the two families as there is no intermediary to more thoroughly review the histories. While an attorney is required in all adoption processes, in an independent adoption, the adopting family is likely to rely more heavily on the attorney’s experience and the family does have direct contact with the lawyer.

Agency Adoption: An agency adoption simplifies the process because the agency handles many of the more complicated aspects, such as finding a child or parents looking to give up their unborn baby. Unlike an independent adoption, the agency becomes the legal guardian once the birth parents give up their rights as the child’s caregivers. It is the agency’s responsibility to determine whether parents are fit to adopt a child, as well as overseeing the placement of child during the first six months or more.

International Adoption: An international adoption occurs when a family seeks to adopt a child from another country. This one is perhaps the most complex because it requires a special visa and other documentation for the child to enter the new family’s country. Adopting families must obey state and federal laws, as well as the laws of the country where the child is born.

Support Adoption This Holiday Season

Christmas time is upon us and it’s the moment to see whether you’ve been naughty or nice. It’s the season to spread happiness, hope, faith and presents! But ever stopped to think about those orphans who are in the need of the love and family warmth that everyone craves during Christmas. Many of us search for a way to give back to the community, but charity truly does begin at home.

According to UNICEF there are currently more than 180 million orphans around the world and as of 2008, there are approximately 500,000 children around the US living in foster care. According to the same study, violence in residential institutions is six times the violence in foster care. With so many children in need around the world, why not give them the best Christmas present they’d appreciate for life? Let’s help bring a smile to the faces of these children and help mold the future of tomorrow’s world.

So head to the closest destination for legal services in California and ask for your adoption papers. For those who are unable to adopt a child in need, give back through the means of support for them. Stop by an adoption agency and donate whatever you can, drop off some presents or simply spend a day with them, reading to them or singing along with the season’s carols.