Parenting 101 under the Grounds of Child Custody

Becoming a parent is an experience of a lifetime. Nothing can ever be compared to it. This experience comes with a responsibility of child’s upbringing – from health to education and mannerism to making them a respectable individual in the society, it all is the responsibility of a parent, in fact, both the parents to be precise. When parents separate or get divorce, they leave a scar of sadness in the lives of their children.

Therefore, when a couple is headed for a divorce, it’s required that they plan the future of their children well in advance. Give them adequate time and nurturing and let them not feel left alone because of the legal battle going on in the court. Ensure that the child custody case doesn’t have an impact on the child.

Children often go through a tough time when the parents separate. It often gives them a shock that their parents will live in different homes and sometimes even lead the children to depression. So the parents need to do is have a parenting plan in place.

For Child’s Well-Being:

  • Create a plan that meets the requirements of your child. Do not try to adjust the child according to the plan; instead create a plan that fits your child’s personality, age, requirements, and abilities.


  • Ensure that proper education, medical care, and a healthy diet is available to the children hassle-free.


  • Help the children understand the details of separation. If they’re too young, make them feel comfortable and make sure that either of the two is always with them.


  • During the child custody process in court, have a time-share, custody, and visitation agreement in written. This agreement goes a long way. It is referred by the judge in the court and signed after consent is reached between both the parents. However, court’s decision may vary from case to case.

What to Consider for a Time-Share Agreement

While creating a parenting plan and a time-share agreement, consider the following aspects of the child:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Security
  • Any special Needs
  • Mood of the children and their inclination towards a parent

Apart from these, other welfare activities should also be considered. Only then a parenting plan will be good enough and in favor of the children during the child custody case in court.

How to Easily Recover Child Support Payments

The unfortunate truth is that the strongest of relationships can go through turmoil and troubles and the bond of marriage might end with the signing of the divorce papers. Caring partners will always put the child as a top priority and ensure that during the legal divorce service, the child support orders are followed without putting the other partner in trouble. Financial aid that is given through the child support is important for the normal upbringing of the children who, most often, suffer the most in a divorce. Sometimes though, a parent might default on child support payments.

Steps to Recover Child Support Payments

It is important to keep all papers safely filed away before you can approach any law enforcement agency to help in recovering the money due to you. These documents should include the child custody orders and the divorce papers.

Once you have approached the appropriate law agency, you can ask them to provide assistance in terms of tracing the non-custodial parent who has lagged behind in child support payments. The legal entity or law enforcement agency can take actions ranging from seizure of property to prison time with the defaulting parent.

As part of the divorce service, the custodial parent is also within his or her rights to file an income-withholding order. Of course, details, like the employment information of the non-custodial parent, are necessary for this order to take effect.

There is also the option of contacting the local Child Support Enforcement office who will go through the child support orders you have and coordinate with other agencies in helping you recover the money.

Child custody orders are an important basis to determine which parent gets custody of the child and what is the schedule and quantum of child support payments. Based on these documents you can ascertain the quantity of money that is due to you as past fees and get the full force of the law to help you collect the same.