Nevada’s Improvement in Collecting Child Support

From nowhere to the 36th position in three years, Nevada has moved up the ladder in child support payment collection. The state successfully introduced programs to improve the child support process and has won awards for doing so.

National Child Support Enforcement Association has awarded the Most Improved Program award to the Clark County’s District Attorney’s Family Support (DAFS) Office. Other states can follow the suit and develop a better system too.

What Contributed to the Award?

Child support in Nevada was quite slow for many years. But recently the DAFS staff did a commendable job. It improved the parenting establishment by a huge percentage and accumulated about $125 million in child support for Clark County in the year 2012.

How Did the DAFS Do It?

To achieve success in anything there is immense planning followed by adequate action. DAFS’s staff planned, examined the situation carefully and took the following steps:

  • Call Center Set-up – Though a communication medium was always there, a need for a call-center dedicated to Clark County was much necessary. The reason – there were thousands of cases of child support pending.

Hence a call-center was set-up few years ago; it now handles as many as 15000 calls per month. Since then the support collection is up significantly, and so is the overdue support collection. This wasn’t possible earlier. Better communication model has helped locate parents, establish paternity, and enforce child support.

  • Relocation of Division – Child support division was relocated to Southern Nevada in 2010. It centralized and perked up paternity and child support cases from Clark County and other locations in Las Vegas state. Today, it handles as many as 61000 cases related to child supports and enforcement. This single division office contributes to 59% of the overall child support cases from Nevada.
  • Improved Community Outreach – The division closely works with communities to reach out to the people and access information related to paternity. From reaching out to the hospitals to conducting genetic tests and getting results, and taking the matter to court and settling it in few hearings, everything has improved with better community outreach.

Child support and enforcement results in Nevada have improved after right steps were taken by the authorities. Other states across the USA can also follow the same and improve how the child support collection agencies work.

Does a Sperm Donor Owe Anything to The Child?

If a man donates sperm to a fertility clinic or sperm bank, should he be expected by law to support any child conceived through the use of his donation? Frequent donors could produce numerous offspring. Now there is a possibility they may be responsible for each one.

Men donate sperm anonymously. Women often use sperm donors because they feel there is less chance of the father demanding a paternity test and attempting to take the child. In most cases, both parties respect the others wishes to remain anonymous and the mothers retain sole custody of the child produced. It was not the donor’s intent to enter into a relationship with the mother of the child. No sexual act was committed with the intent of producing a child.

The recent case involving a lesbian couple who chose to use a sperm donor to produce a child has caused a heated debate in the legal community. In this case, the woman who got pregnant used a home insemination kit to inject the donor’s sperm. The man offered his services to the couple and it was agreed he would have no paternal rights to the child after its birth.

When the couple split up the mother of the child was forced to file for assistance to care for the child, raising the question of whether or not the sperm donor was legally responsible for his share of the child’s expenses. Because no medical facility or attorney was involved in the agreement or procedure that produced the pregnancy, the court has ruled the donor must pay both child support as well as other expenses associated with the child’s care.

The moral of the story is clear. Always make sure each agreement is legal and binding within the constraints of the laws of your state.

How to Easily Recover Child Support Payments

The unfortunate truth is that the strongest of relationships can go through turmoil and troubles and the bond of marriage might end with the signing of the divorce papers. Caring partners will always put the child as a top priority and ensure that during the legal divorce service, the child support orders are followed without putting the other partner in trouble. Financial aid that is given through the child support is important for the normal upbringing of the children who, most often, suffer the most in a divorce. Sometimes though, a parent might default on child support payments.

Steps to Recover Child Support Payments

It is important to keep all papers safely filed away before you can approach any law enforcement agency to help in recovering the money due to you. These documents should include the child custody orders and the divorce papers.

Once you have approached the appropriate law agency, you can ask them to provide assistance in terms of tracing the non-custodial parent who has lagged behind in child support payments. The legal entity or law enforcement agency can take actions ranging from seizure of property to prison time with the defaulting parent.

As part of the divorce service, the custodial parent is also within his or her rights to file an income-withholding order. Of course, details, like the employment information of the non-custodial parent, are necessary for this order to take effect.

There is also the option of contacting the local Child Support Enforcement office who will go through the child support orders you have and coordinate with other agencies in helping you recover the money.

Child custody orders are an important basis to determine which parent gets custody of the child and what is the schedule and quantum of child support payments. Based on these documents you can ascertain the quantity of money that is due to you as past fees and get the full force of the law to help you collect the same.

Support Adoption This Holiday Season

Christmas time is upon us and it’s the moment to see whether you’ve been naughty or nice. It’s the season to spread happiness, hope, faith and presents! But ever stopped to think about those orphans who are in the need of the love and family warmth that everyone craves during Christmas. Many of us search for a way to give back to the community, but charity truly does begin at home.

According to UNICEF there are currently more than 180 million orphans around the world and as of 2008, there are approximately 500,000 children around the US living in foster care. According to the same study, violence in residential institutions is six times the violence in foster care. With so many children in need around the world, why not give them the best Christmas present they’d appreciate for life? Let’s help bring a smile to the faces of these children and help mold the future of tomorrow’s world.

So head to the closest destination for legal services in California and ask for your adoption papers. For those who are unable to adopt a child in need, give back through the means of support for them. Stop by an adoption agency and donate whatever you can, drop off some presents or simply spend a day with them, reading to them or singing along with the season’s carols.