How Attorneys and Legal Document Assistants Are Different

Posted On July 13, 2012

Are you confused on whose service you should seek between Legal Document Assistants and Attorneys? Then you should understand that Legal Document Assistants, abbreviated as LDAs, are qualified professionals who prepare legal documents for clients at their direction. LDAs are prohibited from offering you legal advice; they follow the guidelines by attorneys. However, they are permitted to avail you with published legal information that would assist you on your legal matters.

An attorney, on the other hand, has the capacity to provide you with legal advice, as well asrepresent you in a court of law. In most cases, if you are unaware of your legal rights, then it is important that you seek the services of an attorney. However, not all legal affairs involve attorneys. You may have made up you mind on the action to take and the issue is unquestionable. In such cases, Legal Document Assistants are most preferable because they are affordable and efficient alternatives to attorneys.

LDAs help to take disorientation out of the court procedure for you, prepare all of your required documents and facilitate the processing of your paperwork throughout the course of your entire case. With this, they become the best choice for your sole legal endeavors. They can also file legal forms with court and have them served.

Legal self-help books can be at times overwhelming; in this regard, an LDA can be of invaluable assistance with your routine legal undertakings like filing the paperwork for bankruptcies, uncontested divorces, trusts, divorce papers and much more. An LDA is ideal if you are going through an uncontested divorce and similar legal issues, and this is one of their main specialties. The majority of LDAs maintain a broad collection of legal reference materials to assist their clients to make their own decisions, so they are always prepared for whatever comes their way.

Our California legal help specialists and Legal Document Assistants at Attorney Assisted are here to help you with whatever legal documents you need prepared. Visit our website or give us a call and we will provide you with a free consultation.


Christina M. Hernandez is the Director and Owner of Attorney Assisted California Centers in Orange, CA . Attorney Assisted is a leading paralegal service provider in Orange County, preparing and filing all legal documents. Also known as Legal Document Assistants, they are a more affordable alternative than going through lawyers for the same notary services. We also offer full divorce services, handling all divorce papers and guiding clients through the entire process out of court. Join me at Google+.

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