Tips to Resolve Family Issues

Posted On October 11, 2012

Families today struggle more than ever with internal conflict for many reasons. Since both parents must work in many families, schedules are tight and parents are stressed, which combine to spark disagreements and tension. The fast pace of life is likewise demanding, keeping every member of the family on edge and in a rush. A tight economy also makes family life more challenging than before, forcing everyone to cut corners and skip the non-essentials.

When family problems escalate beyond the norm, you may want to try helpful tips recommended by family law services. Addressing issues before they get out of hand helps to keep tempers under control and hold the family together.

Prioritize the problem. Sometimes dirty socks left on the floor or a careless word spoken in haste can light the fuse of someone who’s been rushing around all day. If you must mention it, wait until you’re calm and can discuss your concerns reasonably.

Take a timeout. Take a few moments to objectively assess the situation. Walking through the door to a messy house or screaming kids can dampen anyone’s mood. After ensuring the kids are safely supervised, take time to relax with a shower, a nap, or a snack.

Discuss issues privately with your spouse. Avoid arguing in front of the kids. Wait until they’re in bed or at a friend’s house before having a brief and mutually respectful talk with your partner. Use “I” rather than “you” statements: “I feel unvalued when you don’t take out the trash.” (Not: “You never take out the trash when I ask you.”) Listen carefully to the response and find common ground, perhaps switching tasks occasionally.

When all else fails, consult a family law services agency. They help families work through longstanding or highly challenging conflicts.


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